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Blog posts for Mosaics Lab, a Canadian mosaic studio that offers unique, unordinary, and fully customizable handmade tiled masterpieces for proud homeowners. I've also included related articles for other home, art, and design websites.

How Do I Select a Mosaic Backsplash for Our Bathroom?

The bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in the house. It’s where we clean ourselves, get rid of toxins, and have time to relax before bed. That’s why it’s so important to find tiles that reflect both your style, personality, and needs. A mosaic backsplash is one option that can feel totally personal. But choosing the ideal mosaic bathroom tiles can be a daunting task. With so many different colors and styles to choose from, it can be challenging to decide.

4 Fun Hobbies and Interests Inspired by Mosaic Art Making

Mosaic art is a popular art form that inspires people to create something beautiful. Mosaics artwork can be made with materials and objects. The designs can reflect anything from natural landscapes to abstract designs. With mosaic art being so versatile in where it can be installed and how it can look, this creative expression has encouraged others to pursue similar hobbies and interests. Here are some fun, creative, and exciting pursuits you can easily try if you love making mosaics.

Perfect Fall Inspired Mosaic Murals For Your Walls

Fall is a beautiful time of year: it’s a season of warm colors and cozy décor. It’s also a time of change. As the leaves change color and fall off trees, why not decorate your home with a mosaic that showcases the arresting beauty of nature? The designs may be intricate or simple, but the colors are always rich. Whether you’re looking for mosaics featuring fall foliage or just need some autumnal inspiration, these warm and colorful mosaic designs provide the perfect backdrop.

Create Peace and Purity in Your Space With Lilies Mosaic Designs

Mosaic art is the perfect way to add timeless beauty and style to any space. A lily mosaic design, in particular, can transform every day into a peaceful and serene environment. Lilies symbolize purity, making them an excellent choice for meditative spaces or even at the entryway or bedroom at home. They’re also ideal for bringing some green into your home or office while drawing attention to your favorite things. This article will feature inspiring lily mosaic tile projects.

From Abstract to Surrealism… Art Styles That Will Beautify Your Walls

Art is a form of self-expression and a way to convey emotions, ideas, and life experiences. There are many different art styles because artists have various ways of saying how they feel, how they see the world, and what they’re going through. As an art enthusiast, you’ve probably come across various terms, like the product search filters on our website. But, really, what’s the difference between Art Deco and Art Nouveau? Expressionism and Impressionism? What makes Pop Art, well, Pop?

Bringing Berthe Morisot To Light

The name Berthe Morisot does not ring a bell for most people when thinking of the Impressionist movement. Instead, artists like Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, or Pierre-Auguste Renoir come to mind. But did you know that Berthe was a talented female painter and a founding member of one of the world’s most memorable art movements? Tucked away in the margins of art history is a woman who exhibited with Monet, Degas, and Renoir, and she was regarded as an equal in their circle.

Charming Birds Mosaic Designs

Birds are intelligent and beautiful creatures. They communicate through chirps, songs, and dance. These avian creatures are mesmerizing to look at. In the world of art, birds are highly symbolic animals. They often represent freedom and the human spirit. Certain species, like the eagle, dove, or peacock, are laden with meaning. Have you ever thought of using birds as a design element? Through mosaic designs, our feathered friends can add charm and interest to a room.

4 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home Interiors This Summer

The summer months are upon us, and the warm weather is an excellent time to relax and laze indoors. With the change in season comes the need for a bit of a change in home accents. We’re big fans of mixing things up, and transitioning from one season to the next is a great way to do that. Seeking inspiration from interior design elements, here are a few great ways to decorate your home. Your summer will be even more enjoyable with these home interior ideas.

10 Alluring Nude Mosaic Murals for the Home Spa

Would you like to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere in your home? Then it is time to add some art to your bath or home spa. There are plenty of decorative options available, but our favorite, of course, is to include a beautiful mosaic mural on a wall. You can create a unique look and experience by using mosaic artwork in your home. The beauty of the human form lends itself well to bath, home spa, or beauty clinic settings.

10 Amazing Female Artists Who Are Changing the Mosaic Art Scene

Every March 8, on International Women’s Day, the world celebrates the many achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for establishing gender equality. Mosaics Lab joins the global community as it comes together to celebrate women’s achievements, especially in the visual arts. This week, we will showcase the power and diversity of women’s creativity. We will shine a spotlight on 10 women artists who make amazing contemporary mosaic art.

Artworks by Black Painters in the Smithsonian Collection

With 19 museums, galleries, and research facilities attracting 22 million people a year, the Smithsonian Institution is among the most-visited attractions in the United States. Travelers from around the world particularly head to Washington D.C.’s National Mall to see the famed Smithsonian castle and neighboring museums. While the air and space museum and the natural history museum draw the biggest crowds, the Smithsonian’s art museums are noteworthy no less.
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